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Air Quality Committee

Committee Objectives:

  • Provide tools for members to prepare their written Alpha Radiation standards..
  • Continue to represent the NCA on air quality maters which may arise.


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Business Innovation Committee Co-Chair: Tom Hagen - 605-255-4467
Eric McMaster - 715-778-4414

Committee Objectives:

ID new revenue generators, ancillary attractions, etc. such as mini golf, climbing walls, digital photo, etc. New technologies such as ticketing, POS, etc. Going to IAAPA and submit a after for posting on web site or in Cave Talk and given out at convention

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Bylaws Committee

Chair & Committee Members: As Needed

This is a special committee as defined under Article 7 Committees Section 2 of the Revised Constitution & Bylaws. President recommended bylaws amendments to the board for consideration and approval following guideline for such as stated in the Revised Constitution & Bylaws.

Reports to NCA President

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Communications Committee Chair: Greg Beckler - 518-494-2283
Bob Holt - 518-231-5420

Committee Objectives:

Responsible for Cave Talk and other publications or communications
Marketing and PR efforts
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Education Committee Rho Lansden - 270-393-0077
Ann Dunlavy - 814-643-0268
Patty Perlaky - 830-537-4212
Ann Wescott - 608-437-3038
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Elec. Media/Technology Committee Co-Chair: Ed Mayfield - 325-226-8081
Co-Chair: Matt Doyle - 800-795-2283 (CAVE)
Justin Woodruff - 419-435-5891
Bob Holt - 518-231-5420
Jim Ingwersen -

Committee Objectives:

Develop, manage and maintain NCA website direct and oversee webmaster.

Current Project Description:

The current project is to direct the redevelopment of the NCA website. The new site will fulfill two distinct objectives. To fulfill these objectives the new site will have two distinct sections; the consumer side and the association side.

Consumer Side: The main focus is to promote caves as fun, exciting and educational travel destinations. It will provide a general description, photo and contact information on all member caves. Further the consumer side of the website will feature helpful information on Geology, Biology, History, photo gallery, & links pages.

Members Side: The member's side will be a vast improvement in member services. Access to this section will be password protected to ensure the protection of association proprietary information from the general public. Each standing committee will have pages providing information on the committee, its projects and members serving on the committee. Additionally, secondary pages will provided as needed by these committees for informational postings to our membership. The new NCA website will never be completed. It is a living document that will be ever changing with regular updates to members. Additional features will be considered, as the needs of the association and traveling public require.


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Finance Committee Chair: Bob Holt - 518-231-5420
Greg Beckler - 518-494-2283
Matt Doyle - 800-795-2283 (CAVE)
Denise Bell - 419-483-6711
Eric Evans - 937-465-4017
John Graves - 
Al Mathis - 800-933-2283
Joseph Klimczak - 608-437-3038

Committee Objectives:

Prepare and or approve a financial statement to be presented to the board and membership at the annual meeting. Prepare the budget for presentation to the board and membership at the annual meeting.

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History Committee Co-Chair: Bob Holt - 518-231-5420
Co-Chair: Steve Rawlings - 831-476-9020

Committee Objectives:

Collect, maintain and present the history of the NCA.

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Insurance Committee Chair: Brad Wuest - 210-651-6101
Denise Bell - 419-483-6711
Jim Richards - 812-279-9471
Gordon Smith -
Bob Holt - 518-231-5420
Keith Dobrolinsky - 630-417-5918
Patrick O'Sullivan - 708-675-1535
Matt Doyle - 800-795-2283 (CAVE)

Insurance Contacts: see insurance page

Webinars: In partnership with the National Caves Association, Assurance Safety Consulting has created a series of webinars.

Committee Objectives:

Oversee the group insurance program.
Work with our broker to improve coverage, price, and service.
Help underwriters understand our unique industry and become more familiar and comfortable without exposures.
Help to see that ancillary attractions common to our industry are covered by the program.
Grow participation in the group program from our membership.
Help increase members understanding and awareness of insurance and insurance industry issues.
Help program members with loss control.
To meet bi-annually or as needed.

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Membership Committee Chair: Greg Beckler - 518-494-2283
Eric Evans - 937-465-4017

Committee Objectives:

Standards compliance, work with regional directors on inspection visits when necessary, review letters of recommendation.
Complete list of non-member show caves in the nation.
ID potential new membership
Member benefits such as develop partnership with other organizations, co-op marketing opportunities, service discounts.
Membership survey
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Nominating Committee Chair:  Appointed and determined as needed. Edit | Del
Outdoor Advertising & Government Affairs Committee Chair: Eric Evans - 937-465-4017
Monitor legislative and issues pertinent to signs on state and national levels.
Maintain  involvement with Outdoor Advertising Association.
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Past Presidents Committee Chair: Eric Evans - 937-465-4017
Co-Chair: John Graves - 
Patty Perlaky - 830-537-4212
Steve Rawlings - 831-476-9020
Greg Beckler - 518-494-2283

Chair:  (Always the immediate Past President) 
Committee Members:  (All previous NCA Presidents)

Committee Objectives:
Provide advice to the NCA President and Executive Committee.

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Public Relations Committee Chair: Steve Thompson - 573-346-2676

Committee Objectives:

Develop marketing and promotional ideas for Board presentation.

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Retail Products Committee Co-Chair: Claudia Yundt - 812-732-4388
Co-Chair: Denise Bell - 419-483-6711
Woody Woodruff - 419-435-5891

Committee Objectives:

Latest trends in hot items, products, and services for curio & concessions.
Best marketing and display techniques and tips.
Good inventory techniques, POS, customer service to improve sales.
Chair or committee members must attend  Gatlinburg, Rock Show and other major shows to provide a brief on each show with vendor contact information which will be posted on the website for members to view.
Maintain Buyers Group online discussion assisting membership.
Work with the Convention Committee to produce an annual or as needed Vendor Show.
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White Nose Syndrome (WNS) Committee Joseph Klimczak - 608-437-3038
Greg Beckler - 518-494-2283
Chair: Patty Perlaky - 830-537-4212
The White Nose Syndrome Committee reads and summarizes articles on the subject, then prepares a monthly report for Cave Talk.  We also provide caves with educational materials for the public, have a committee member on the Federal Stakeholder's Committee, and attempt to answer any questions that members have.
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Defibrillator Use in the Workplace - How It Affects Insurance Jan 2015.pdf     Delete
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Electronic Waivers July 2015.pdf     Delete
Emergency Planning - Are You Prepared For The Unexpected Sept 2014.pdf     Delete
Emergency Preparedness Survey 2016.pdf     Delete
Flirting With Trouble - Office Romances Can Prove Costly February 2015.pdf     Delete
Getting Through The Holidays Jan. 2014.pdf     Delete
Hosting a Safe St.Patrick's Day Get Together March 2015.pdf     Delete
Instructions for Annual Review of Your Alpha Radiation Plan.pdf     Delete
Insurance Committee Webinars 2014-2015.pdf     Delete
Lightning - The Underrated Killer June 2014.pdf     Delete
March 15, 2020 SETTING 4 LENT communion insert (2).pdf     Delete
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MoDot Rule Change - Nationwide Opposition News Release - Jan 2015.pdf     Delete
Multi-Hazzard Emergency Planning for Caves 2016.pptx     Delete
Natural Trips - Overview July 2011.pdf     Delete
Natural Trips - Webinar July 2011.pdf     Delete
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NCA WNS POSTER Ver Sep 2013.pdf     Delete
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Risks and Benefits of Radiation 2017.pdf     Delete
Social Media 2017.pdf     Delete
The Hard Realities of a Cyber Event-January 2016.pdf     Delete
Too Tired August 2014.pdf     Delete
Top Ten Identified Hazards Identified Fe. 2014.pdf     Delete
Vehicle Operation April 2015.pdf     Delete
Winter Driving - Driving Safely December 2015.pdf     Delete
Winter Preparation November 2015.pdf     Delete
Winter, Are You Prepared Dec. 2013.pdf     Delete